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Don't be left behind in the electronic age. Let PDF-eXPLODE fast track your document delivery and archiving into the electronic world using the best features for PDF Emailing or PDF Batch emailing. Using PDF-eXPLODE for document bursting or crystal report bursting, will definitely benefit you much more than the money you will save on postage. Imagine the savings – first there is the manual effort involved in sorting, collating, folding and enveloping. Then there is the paper and printing costs and finally the cost of postage.

As people demand more information, businesses are increasingly under pressure to better manage process times and costs and to find more efficient ways to communicate. But the manual process of printing, sorting and mailing stacks of paper, or sending e-mails one by one, is inefficient and costly. Enter PDF-eXPLODE…. It will make report bursting or PDF Emailing so easy; and the best part is, it requires no programming. It will automate document bursting and e-delivery by e-mailing a batch of personalized documents with a single action, making it easy for businesses to communicate regularly with their target audiences. Read more about electronic document delivery...


PDF-eXPLODE makes it easy and cost-effective for small, medium or large businesses to get their customers' invoicing,vendors' remittances and employee payslip information to the relevant people on time.

PDF-eXPLODE has multiple delivery modes:

  • E-Mail is a primary delivery source for exploded or burst documents. However you can suppress e-mailing of burst documents.
  • Archive any report bursting or 'exploded' PDF to any drive on your server. This is based on a number of user definable rules
  • Fax exploded PDFs or SMS the email message content (up to a maximum of 160 characters) to any destination easily.
  • FTP delivery to web folders created 'on the fly', is available as an add-in

PDF Batch Email documents can be password secured 'on the fly' with industry standard 128 Bit encryption – just configure the password via a business rule

You can also use PDF-eXPLODE as a marketing E-mail blaster capable of merging data from your database into your message blast.

The best thing about the PDF-eXPLODE report bursting tool is it is very reasonably priced and comes with the best after sales service and support (with a turnaround time of a few hours to one business day) to assist you.


Robert Jurewicz.

Business Development Coordinator

Gardens Home Management Services, Florida USA

"We process around 550 Client Statements each month from our accounting software which was lacking an automated document delivery feature. With PDF-eXPLODE’s ability to link to most business software, we were able to quickly convert from the old cumbersome method of printing, sorting and mailing to a simple painless electronic process.

PDF-eXPLODE creates and saves a PDF copy of each multi page statement to a nominated folder on the hard drive and emails the PDF statement to our clients in approximately one hour all up. All this was possible with just the click of the PRINT button and we were even able to walk away and continue work on other important business. The process is automatic with no requirement to interact with the program. It goes without saying that the savings in time, postage and labor paid for the system within a short space of time. And the after sales support from 3000AD Systems, developers of the product, is courteous, fast and second to none."


Kris Hart

Information Technology Manager

Bommer Industries, Inc, USA

"Purchasing PDF-eXPLODE was a GREAT decision for our company! We started using this product around 5 years ago and it saves us so much time and money that we can't even begin to put a number on how much! We were faced with increasing postage costs as well as increasing labor costs and we had to find a way to reduce the amount of sent postage and also make our employees more efficient in their daily tasks.

Within the first hour of finding and testing PDF ExPLODE, we knew that it would be a perfect solution for us...and we were right!... We send hundreds of documents to our customers on a weekly basis and so far this product has NOT let us down...We love it!!! We have programmed our reporting process around the PDF-Explode tags and by doing this we have shaved so much time off of sending documents to our customers. We have cut process times for various tasks from 8+ hours down to 5 minutes, from 3 hours to 5 minutes..etc..etc.. Just the sending of our daily Invoice batches save us at least 30 minutes everyday.

It's simply a NO BRAINER if you are looking for a way to automate the sending of electronic documents. It's very fast, support is great, and the cost of the product pays for itself very quickly. Try it, you will love it!"


Brad Barron, R.Ph.

Pharmacy Systems Coordinator

Bashas Grocers, Arizona USA

"PDF-eXPLODE support has been excellent. PDF-eXPLODE is a program that does what it says it’s going to do. The bottom line is it works and saves me a tremendous amount of time on a weekly basis. I would HIGHLY recommend this program to anyone who needs to distribute a large number of reports or invoices via e-mail on a regular basis."

PDF-eXPLODE Client base is spread across the following industries:

  • Aircraft manufacturing
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Building Industry
  • Environmental Protection Agencies
  • Forklift Hire
  • Financial Institutions
  • Garden Maintenance
  • Government bodies
  • Heavy equipment rentals
  • Hospitality
  • Hospitals, Medical Centers
  • IT support systems
  • Insurance / Brokers
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical Record Keeping
  • Office Plant Hire
  • Property Management
  • Radio Network
  • Schools and Universities
  • Transport

... and many more across 26 Countries


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