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You can learn PDF-eXPLODE very simply by watching the three tutorials. The subjects covered, will give you an extensive look at the key features that most Users have asked about.

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Getting Started

  • Watch these 3 Lessons ranging from 4 minutes to around 9 minutes. They cover basic setup and emailing to how to set up Message IDs and finally in lesson 3, how to use Variables and Client ID.
    • LESSON 1 - Basic Setup (around 4 minutes)
    • LESSON 2 - Message IDs (around 8 minutes)
    • LESSON 3 - Use of Variables in a tag (around 22 minutes) - << Yes this is long! >>
    • LESSON 4 - Client ID configuration and how it will assist in creating exceptions (around 20 minutes)<< Yes this is long! >>
    • LESSON 5 - Using Programming Functions to customize text in email Message and Subject content (around 12 minutes)
    • LESSON 6 - How to use the HTML Editor in PDF-eXPLODE (around 10 minutes) << NO SOUND >> This Video is based on PDF-eXPLODE V3