Tomorrow's ideas today - that is our commitment!

3000AD Systems, an incorporated company, commenced business in Jan 1999. Over the past 25 years, 3000AD Systems has been committed to excellence in product delivery and customer service. With each passing year, 3000AD Systems has grown from strength to strength. And how does it do that? It's the way we do business - honesty and integrity. We provide that personal touch and our service is with a BIG smile!

Our vision is the delivery of innovative, time and cost saving product to market. Our business partners are our Clients, who we work with to supply superior (and simple) solutions to complex problems. We believe our products represent the best value for money and we back them up with excellent support services - just ask any of our Users. We have over 1000 of them! Visit our site

Our Business Policy

  • We are firmly committed to ethics in all business dealings; honesty and integrity are high on our priorities in any business transaction.
  • We carry Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance
  • We carefully consider all facts that are made available, before we provide support advice. We keep guesswork out of any support provided
  • Our Privacy Statement also includes Social and Green policy commitments, which we have shown below for your information

Our Social Policy

  • We always try to treat people in the way we would like to be treated - courteously & professionally – and would expect the same in return.
  • We support registered charities and 'not for profit' organisations by offering a special pricing on request.
  • We subscribe to an Anti-Bribery policy

Our Green Policy

  • We are conscious about our carbon impact on Mother Earth. We are only a small company but we are keen to play our part!
  • We send correspondence, quotations and invoices electronically
  • We consciously minimize use and wastage of paper in our day-to-day activities

PDF-eXPLODE ® is a product designed and owned by 3000AD SYSTEMS. PDF-eXPLODE ® is a registered Trademark of 3000AD SYSTEMS in the USA, AUSTRALIA and other countries. Use of the name PDF-eXPLODE without written approval of 3000AD Systems is illegal and strictly prohibited.


You can contact us at:

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Business Ethics

  • Responsibility
  • Commitment
  • Quality
  • Reliability