e-merge Overview

Have you ever felt like your company was sitting on the edge of a breakthrough, or perhaps you've felt like success was just a bit out of your grasp? If you've ever wanted to take your business to "the next level", then
e-merge is a low cost but effective solution to get you there via target marketing campaigns and "e-mail blasting".

With frequent e-mail blasts, you will be able to keep customer awareness of your business high with little to no cost. In addition, with every e-mail blast you make, you can highlight specific goods or services, announce new products, and create a sense of excitement and anticipation among your prospective customers.

e-merge makes it faster and easier to distribute business documents to your business clients via e-mail. You can send invoices, statements and other reports and correspondence.

e-merge is easy to set up and use. It’s as easy as writingand sending an email. You don't have to be an HTML expert. Most HTML commands are captured by highlighting the text you want to enhance, and clicking the appropriate button. You can progressively preview your output as you create your Message template. To enhance the power of HTML template creation, there is the ability to store Date keywords that will calculate each time you run the HTML template to an email. Furthermore, you can connect to any database of your choice using the ODBC feature built into Windows. This allows you to insert email addresses from your database as well as salutations/ names/ or any data. Insert graphics or logos with links to a website or embed them into the Email template from your local drive.
With e-merge the possibilities are endless - personalised newsletters, bulk email marketing campaigns, emailing remittances advices or invoices with database values "fed" into the email with e-merge creating "hooks" into your data.

Starting your e-mail marketing newsletter campaign is a matter of minutes.

  1. Compose your email message or choose one of the free newsletters template
  2. Optionally connect to any database or preferably your business database and merge field level data into your message.
  3. Insert e-mail addresses direct from your database or Import e-mail lists from any text file or even link to your MS Outlook personal address book
  4. Send your newsletter advertising and bulk emailing, either individually or as a distribution list

With the purchase of e-merge:

  • You are not giving away your valuable data to any third party and most importantly, you can use your very own database.
  • There are no recurring fees:Why pay for each contact or email sent? Keep as many email contacts as you wish in your database
  • Use e-merge to bulk e-mail as often as you need, without constantly worrying about how much you are spending. Your upfront purchase cost is all you ever pay in most cases -unless you choose to use an alternative web based SMTP hostto relay your email messages.

How e-merge Works

e-merge is a marketing tool capable of bulk e-mailing beautifully formatted HTML documents and attachments. This process is sometimes referred to as an e-mail blasting. e-merge takes all the hard work of creating HTML text. You just type your message contents and by use of the formatting buttons, you highlight text and click the appropriate HTML format button to achieve the desired presentation. As part of your message, you can connect and merge data from any business database which individualizes each message. Data can be linked to the e-mail record to give your marketing e-mail material with a personal touch.

e-merge then runs through a series of three steps to create and distribute targeted emails. It:

  1. Create Text in the message area and format this text to HTML using the buttons provided.
  2. Connect to your business database using Windows ODBC (see the Start / Control Panel / Administrative Tools/ Data Sources)and insert data fields at selected positions in the message
  3. Enter e-mail addresses into one of the address locations (TO, CC or BCC) manually or import from MS Outlook personal address book, an e-mail text list or using a database field inserted on the address line.
  4. Click send "Individual” or "Distribution" e-mails to transmit your marketing message worldwide in an instant.


USD $595 –Send us an enquiry:

Trial Version

The e-merge trial version allows you to evaluate the product and all of its capabilities for a period of 30 days from the date on which you install it. The trial version is the same software as the fully-licensed product with the following limitations:

  • The trial version can be used a maximum of 60 times or 30 days, whichever comes first.
  • Only the first 25 emails per day are permitted
  • E-mail messages will include a small promotional message footer
  • The trial version cannot be used after 30 days /60 program executions following installation

To remove the trial version limitations and have a full licensed, fully functional product, purchase and register a license at any time during or after the trial period has ended. At the time of purchase, you will receive a license ID and password that must be used to activate the software over the Internet, and this will remove the trial version limitations. There is no need to uninstall or reinstall the software.


“E-merge turns our data into actionable e-mails. We stumbled onto e-merge after using PDF-explode to electronically deliver our documents. With the ever-increasing volume of e-mail, we noticed people not “clicking-through” to open attached PDFs. E-merge solved that by putting key data elements from the PDF directly in the body of the e-mail. Now, we can send everything from volunteer assignments to alumni class giving reports with meaningful data inside each email. Each recipient can click on relevant data elements directly when reading on mobile devices. The attached PDF now serves as a more detailed backup report that can be accessed later if needed. E-merge turned our two -day, 10 hour volunteer reporting process into a 5 minute task.
The greatest technical element of e-merge is that it is database agnostic. It doesn’t matter if you are using Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Oracle, Blackbaud CRM, Raiser’s Edge, Filemaker, or a custom version of Accessor Excel. E- merge can configure everything much easier through Microsoft Excel, create data connections, run SQL and output in HTML without the user needing to write any code. Whenused in tandem with PDF-explode, you get all the benefits of e-document delivery plus the ability to personalize each e-mail with multiple, relevant data points.
If you need a way to automatically deliver data to key contacts, e-merge truly just works. Once you take the time to setup your e-merge templates, all you have to do is refresh your data, preview your email, and click send.”

Graham Getty

Director, Development Information Systems
St. Albans School, Washington, DC USA | (202) 537-5653 | Director, Development Information Systems | St. Albans School

e-merge Screen Layouts

Main message entry screen

Creating and Formatting a ‘Flyer’ for bulk sending

Use it as a simple report writer: