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PDF-eXPLODE revolutionizes the process of bulk invoicing delivery for businesses; and it does so by streamlining document delivery. This groundbreaking product is the first of its kind to electronically manage and convert large quantities of documents into PDF attachments for emails, fax or FTP; without any assistance needed by an employee.

Unlike other similar available softwares, PDF-eXPLODE is simple and affordable; which is primarily why it helps businesses save money. On average, companies can save fifty cents per document processed through PDF-eXPLODE, which means that businesses can profit from their auto invoice delivery. If you would like Bulk Emailing of your invoices, then PDF-eXPLODE is your solution. In just a few hours and very little effort, this bulk invoicing solution can be implemented.

As well as saving Businesses money, PDF-eXPLODE can improve office efficiencies by reducing paper wastage from excessive printing, reduce time spent in filing printed copies as opposed to electronic filing, and reduce cost of stationery and printer inks yet providing a fast, efficient medium of email (or FTP) document delivery. Depending on your chosen ISP, bulk email invoicing is generally fast and secure. All of the time saved in improved electronic delivery will translate to profit as well as allow you time to focus on other important business issues.

How does it work?

PDF-eXPLODE is one of the best software to seamlessly receive document text from your business software, via the Print button, and convert the text to PDF, carefully splitting (aka exploding) it by some pre-defined rule and then distributing the PDF by email. This process involves very few steps, which is what makes the program completely user friendly.

There are three steps to delivering your sorted and exploded PDFs :

  • Create a master PDF which is a PDF of the whole document batch
  • then bursting the PDF (otherwise known as exploding) based on the delivery destination and pre-set rules you create.
  • Once this is complete, PDF-eXPLODE will deliver the exploded PDF via email, fax or FTP.

See It In Action

One of the main advantages associated with PDF-eXPLODE is that it’s completely customizable for Bulk Invoice Emailing needs. Businesses can configure their personal preferences based on email subject, message and merge it with database values, secure the document PDF and send the email from a choice of MS Outlook or PDF-eXPLODE’ built-in mail-sending engine. What’s more, PDF-eXPLODE offers the User the opportunity to modify the program for a small fee to meet some specific exacting User requirement.

What are the next Steps to becoming profitable?

The graphic below describes the steps leading to trialing PDF-eXPLODE for 45 days, then purchasing it and customizing it with some rules or seek our assistance and implementing it within your business so you can watch your savings grow..

  • Try PDF-eXPLODE for up to 45 days!
  • Purchase it
  • Customize it with different rules
  • Seek our assistance if required
  • Implement it in your business

PDF-eXPLODE is a sound investment for businesses, primarily because of it’s versatility. While companies may choose to use the software purely for electronic crystal reports invoice delivery, they also have the option to use PDF-eXPLODE for bursting and delivering other important documents, thereby increasing their ROI (‘Return on Investment’) . PDF-eXPLODE can assume responsibility for delivering password secured pay-slips to employees or sub-contractors, medical reports, Customer statements, Vendor remittances and much more besides other important documents that need sorting and automated distribution.

Simply link your PRINT button to our amazing software. Easy!
Then click and walk away. Our software will do the hard work.

Despite the sophisticated technology behind PDF-eXPLODE, Users don’t require any advanced computer knowledge to operate it. The software provides a comprehensive help file, as well as a quick and convenient install wizard, which means that companies can begin operating the software for batch invoicing, soon after purchase and start saving. The price of the software also includes two months of unlimited support, questions and training via phone and internet.


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