Emailing Invoices with Matched Delivery Advice..Easy!

Remember Filing Trays? Remember the clutter on the office desk? Remember the "IN TRAY" and "OUT TRAY'?. What memories!


As your clients demand more information with the invoices they receive, businesses need to find ways to better manage document delivery so that they can provide this requested information within a reasonable time frame as well as cost effectively. If you are one of those Businesses that are required to submit Invoices to their clients along with the matching Proof-of-Delivery advices, then you will be suprised about the capability of PDF-eXPLODE.

The manual process of printing, sorting and matching Invoice to Delivery Advice is tedious, inefficient and costly. One Singaporean company decided to do something about this. Enter the world of custom PDF-eXPLODE solutions....

This is what Mr. Eric Lim, Manager of Pactumax International, Singapore, has to say about PDF-eXPLODE and 3000AD Systems (Developers of PDF-eXPLODE). This is their thoughts on their newly acquired PDF-eXPLODE solution.

Pactumax International is Singapore’s largest Stockist ( ) of a variety of engineering and industrial plastics. We commissioned 3000AD Systems, an Australian company who developed PDF-eXPLODE, to customize a solution for our invoicing system. This development was to match our Delivery Order (“DO”) docket once it is signed and received from the Customer to whom a delivery was made, with the equivalent Invoice and sent automatically by email without much staff’s manual intervention. We are extremely pleased with our new software solution provided by 3000AD Systems, and by the support they provide. We would not hesitate to recommend 3000AD Systems to any company interested in a software project that delivers on time and within budget.

This matching process was automated and can be easily configured to send or withhold emails based on whether:
  • Invoice and it's matching DO are found - an Exact Match is saved to the configured folder and email is sent
  • Invoice is available but matching DO is not found - email is sent but Invoice PDF is saved to a sub-folder 'Unmatched Sent Invoice'
  • Invoice is available but matching DO is not found - email is not sent and Invoice PDF is saved to a sub-folder 'Unmatched Unsent Invoice' folder

This automated process of matching Invoice and DO has replaced our previous manual process involving printing a hard copy of each Invoice and then manually matching the scanned /printed PDF DO and finally, mailing (via post) or emailing them one Invoice at a time. This tedious process took several hours of the employee’s time each week.

We had not previously assessed the business cost of doing this manual matching work each week; however with the implementation of the new PDF-eXPLODE process in place, work is completed in a matter of minutes on some occasions or one or two hours depending on the volume of invoices and DO’s in that week. We are confident this has saved us money besides streamlining our processes and freeing up one employee to complete other tasks which we normally did not get the time to do. Aside from this, delivering these properly matched Invoices and D.O. earlier than before, has resulted in happier customers who are more inclined to pay for the goods earlier. A “win-win” situation all round!

3000AD programmers did a very good job of listening to our requirements carefully and providing us a very stable and bug-free solution. Their attention to detail is extremely commendable and we can only speak highly of their support during the Test and Post-implementation phases. Once the project was delivered, testing with our staff was carried out in a timely fashion. The whole project came in on budget at an affordable cost.

Eric Lim, Manager

Date: 27 July 2017

39 Kaki Bukit View, Singapore 415968
Tel: +65 - 6482 5006
Fax: +65 - 6482 5703