Document Bursting At Its Best!

Most Business are generating a lot of invoices and reports which means they either have a very high postage bill each month or they spend a lot of time emailing the Invoices (or Statements) one at a time. Imagine the costs of postage or Labor costs to email say 35,000 invoice statements each month to your clients. You can only imagine a cost averaging around $1 in postage, stationery and labor hours or a cost around $0.50 per email for cost of labor hours. If we dare to extrapolate that single cost across the 35,000 invoice statements, costs run from approximately $17,500 to $35,000 PER MONTH or around $210,000+ for manual mailing PER ANNUM.

Wow! Imagine what a Business can do with a cost saving of $210,000+ per annum? ONE COMPANY DID! They decided to talk to 3000AD SYSTEMS and request a custom solution incorporating PDF-eXPLODE document bursting.

Permit us to introduce Don Roberto Jewelers, a jewelery retailer in California, USA. Here is their story...

Don Roberto Jewelers is a retail jewelry store chain with 85 physical locations throughout California. We had a need to automate our manual processes regarding the production and delivery of our customers’ account statements, as we did not have the ability to meet our customers’ requests to make statements available to them electronically.
We are extremely pleased with our new software solution provided by 3000AD Systems, and by the support they provide. I would not hesitate to recommend 3000AD Systems to any company interested in a software project that will come in on target and within the established budget.

3000AD Systems helped us design and implement a solution that meets all of our requirements, at a cost that we could afford. We are now producing statements automatically and making them available to our customers via our website, without manual intervention. The PDF-eXPLODE and MONITOR fileDEPLOY software produced and customized for us by 3000AD Systems now logs into a Secure FTP (SFTP) server to download a huge PDF file containing all of our customer statements each week, downloads the file, splits it into individual statement files by customer account, and then uploads them all to individual customer folders on our Amazon S3 storage network. This all happens automatically and on a regular schedule, and the software includes email alert functionality to inform us of the success or failure of this process. Our website now pulls customer statements from Amazon S3 upon request by each individual customer, and we are thereby able to provide statements to our customers much more quickly and efficiently than we could previously. We expect to see increasing savings as customers continue to choose electronic statements over physically printed and mailed statements.

I was particularly impressed with Mark’s and Eric’s attention to detail and commitment to providing us with the best possible solution for our project. They fully analyzed our needs and documented our requirements, made design and performance improvements along the way as the project progressed, and ultimately produced a solution that is solid and also performs accurately and quickly. They communicated with us effectively and on a regular basis to make sure that our needs would be met and nothing would be missed. Eric tested the processes thoroughly, and helped us research and establish the proper authority settings on Amazon S3 so that everything would work smoothly.

Anders Roede
Sr. Vice President IT


205 Avenida Fabricante, San Clemente
CA 92672 USA
Office: (949) 361-6773

27 October, 2016


1 November 2018
It is now over two years since this custom application was installed, configured and commenced delivering statements. In that time, the process was interrupted ONCE due to a server power outage and required a RESET.

There are 5 statement cycles a month and each is tied to a large PDF of some 75-80 Mb in size, which is downloaded by FTPS to the local server and then processed automatically by PDF-eXPLODE. Once completed, it is uploaded to the Amazon S3 site. The weekly volume of PDF statements automatically uploaded is around 7500 which increases seasonally for Christmas, Easter and Valentine's Day. Yes - 5 cycles each month, over 24 months - all of which are handled without ANY human intervention. Each cycle's success is reported by email to the project office and in the unlikely event of a cycle failure, a process to rollback and send email advice to the office is in place.

PDF-eXPLODE is truly your BEST automated solution.