Royalty Statements In A Jiffy!

Most Businesses use PDF-eXPLODE to distribute all of their invoices and debtor statements. However, PDF-eXPLODE is very flexible and feature rich and has a number of practical functionalities that you can unlock with a bit of imagination, quickly and inexpensively, thereby giving your business a big productivity boost. One such company that did tap into some of the many PDF-eXPLODE features is Sage Publishing of San Francisco, CA, USA and they are reaping the benfits now.

Sage publishes books on many topics in Academic Success & Study Skills, Education, Economics, Counseling, Business & Management, Communications & Media and the list goes on.... Each book is published on behalf of authors and they are paid their share of book sales revenue in the form of Royalties, either quarterly, bi-anuualy or annually, depending on the upfront agreement with the authors. So Royalty sales tracking and reporting back to authors is a major priority for Sage Publishing. The reporting volume and subsequent payment-remittance advice batch runs are so large and time-consuming each year that currently, it takes up around 20 weeks of processing time in a year for the Royalty Department. That is so significant in the context of human resourcing and processing time (aside from the data entry) across the multiple continents, that book sales result from.

The following testimonial briefly describes the overhauling of their Royalty process and use of PDF-eXPLODE, which plays an active part in speeding up the delivery of preliminary and final statements in PDF format to authors and local management.

Imagine the time and costs saved per annum with this implementation? Your company can also benefit from big savings by talking to 3000AD SYSTEMS and request an inexpensive custom solution incorporating PDF-eXPLODE document bursting and delivery.

Introducing Craig Moniz, Financial Analyst of Sage Publishing, Los Angeles, USA.

Here is their story...

SAGE Publishing ( is an international publishing house for books and journals, with offices located in Los Angeles | London | Melbourne| Singapore |New Delhi.

SAGE has a heavy back-office workload of processing royalties to authors globally each year. To facilitate the processing, SAGE uses Epicor Enterprise ERP software along with Contract Rights & Royalties software (CRR) for their royalty payments. We decided to overhaul our royalty statements and payment process to alleviate some of the heavy pressures this workload brings, given we process thousands of statements each quarter and half year for each of the companies in our group. The sheer volume we have encountered over the years, convinced us for the need to implement a customized solution and we chose 3000AD Systems based on the simple workflow system tweaking they proposed, and aided, by the use of their flagship product called PDF-eXPLODE which we already had in place for several years prior. 3000AD Systems proposed some simple but cost effective changes to paper flow and statement processing along with PDF-eXPLODE customizations to fit in with the new paper/work flow suggestions; with these, SAGE was able to automate a previously manual and time-consuming process.

To assist with the new procedure, we installed and configured an additional license of PDF-eXPLODE on a virtual machine, with a couple of hour’s help from 3000AD Systems. This enabled the Royalty department to email preliminary royalty statements for review by Authors, prior to payment. Furthermore, these same PDF statements, were re-sorted electronically, by area, and placed in a specific folder for review by internal management. This preliminary review by authors and internal management ensured that the payment run was accompanied with a final and accurate PDF statement, reflecting any identified changes.

Overall, the new work flow, provided us with an efficient link of the Royalty software to our Back office Windows system (Epicor), thereby making some significant time gains in issuing the periodic royalty statements. It has eliminated the manual sorting, enveloping and mailing of the statements, and has effectively saved us many days of work for each run. The workflow also allowed us adequate time to review the royalty statements prior to electronically processing the payment – something we weren’t consistently able do in the past. Our manually driven process previously, would take between 16 – 20 weeks a year to process compared to a few weeks currently. The upshot was that on-time royalty statements, resulted in drastically improved author and partner relations. Aside from the workflow tweaks recommended by 3000AD Systems, the PDF-eXPLODE software has performed exceptionally well and is stable. Added to this, 3000AD System & Mark Fonseca, who developed this software, is very customer focused and knowledgeable and have a good understanding of how their product interacts on customer site environment; and hence they are able to quickly resolve any processing road blocks if they occur due to any sort of environment glitch.

We highly recommend the use of PDF-eXPLODE, based on our experience with the product and server. The team at 3000AD Systems continues to elevate the standard of work by listening to the voice of the customer. They are really attentive to our needs and schedule, and have improved our royalty processing and have saved us time and money too. We could not have done this without the service and support of 3000AD Systems and Mark Fonseca.

Craig Moniz
Financial Systems Analyst
SAGE Publishing, USA

March 2022

Thousand Oaks, CA 91320 USA