Good Software Comes with Very Good Support

Any Software is only as good as the support it comes with. All good software will always merit excellent first-rated support; and that is what you have with PDF-eXPLODE. When you have an issue or a "how-do-I-do-this" question, you will get a precise and accurate response within the shortest possible time; sometimes within 1 hour but never over 24 hours. Ask our Users.

"The best customer service - if you're in the US and concerned about doing business with an Australian company don't be. You couldn't find a company anywhere with service as good as Mark offers"
Connie Staley : Port Of Olympia, Olympia, WA, USA

"Can’t say enough positives about the product, company and particularly Mark Fonseca; simply put, a perfect 10!"
Andy Hopkins : Wayland, Massachusetts, USA

"As a user of PDF-eXPLODE for many years, I can honestly say that it does exactly what it says on the tin. It has saved hours of work or meant that jobs could go ahead that otherwise would have been dropped. In addition the support and advice from Mark is gold standard."
Steve Coates : Snr Officer, New Zealand Educational Institute, NZ

"PDF-eXPLODE is an excellent piece of software. I would certainly recommend it to others on the basis that it does what it is supposed to, is very configurable and the support in the initial set-up and learning curve is second to none. Allowing for the time difference, every e-mail I have sent – and there have been quite few – has always been answered straight away with good sound advice. Other suppliers I have dealt with sometimes take days to respond to a support call."
Roger Cann : AllPay.Net, UK

Frequently Asked Questions

Bug Reporting

For those with a Priority Support Plan license or during evaluation or the first 60 days after purchase, if you have any difficulties, errors or bugs when running PDF-eXPLODE, you can forward those issues with as much detail as possible to: E-mails are generally responded to within 24 hours .

All bugs can be reported (regardless of support plan license) by email to providing us with details of how to reproduce the bug and any screenshots.


Effective 15 August 2022, in the absence of a paid support plan, 3000AD Systems will only respond to emails requesting the following services:
• License activation reset for the purpose of re-imaging the disk on which PDF-eXPLODE was installed or moving the license to a different PC.
• Providing a download link of the purchased version of PDF-eXPLODE setup program
• Customer database lookup/update of contact information, license ID and password
• Re-send a copy of an invoice

Any operating support email requests from Monday 15 August 2022 must be covered by an annual support plan or a per incident paid support. No variation to this rule will be entertained.

Where the license is a 'Desktop' or mutiple server Licenses are purchased, then each License at the site, MUST be covered by an annual support. A multiple purchase discount applies for 2 or more annual support payments made in the one order.

If your account is supported by an external IT service, please ensure they are aware of this rule.

Types of Support

We provide three basic types of support for PDF-eXPLODE processing issues.

  • Free Support

    During the 45-day evaluation period and the first 60 days after purchase, you are entitled to free priority support. Following that period, free support will consist of the following services only:

    • Self-service using resources provided on the product website
    • License activation reset for the purpose of re-imaging the disk on which PDF-eXPLODE was installed or moving the license to a different PC.
    • Under the FREE SUPPORT plan, any reactivation request may take up to 7 days for a response.
    • Providing a download link for the purchased version of the PDF-eXPLODE setup program, if available.
    • Recent program updates and installers are only available free for the period of a paid annual support plan.
    • Customer database lookup/update of contact information, license ID and password
    • Re-send a copy of an invoice

  • Paid Priority Support

    This service is charged as an annual fee at the start of annual period. This fee is a fixed amount and once paid there is no other fees or charges to be paid for the year. It is renewable each year. It represents a very economical approach to ensuring your PDF-eXPLODE is running at all times.

    • We provide you priority answers and support fixes within 3 hours to 48 business hours.
    • The support may be responded to by email, telephone call at an agreed hour/day as well as internet connection to your site.
    • Free in-version upgrade patches if requested or where an environment issue is causing PDF-eXPLODE to fail.
    • We endeavour to resolve any PDF-eXPLODE processing issues that may be a result of a processing bug or your network environment related problem.

    Sometimes it is necessary to involve your IT department where the problem(s) relate to a local environment permission. Pricing information is available here: Priority Paid Support.

    If you have a current Priority Support Plan or you are within the first 60 days of purchase of a new or version upgraded PDF-eXPLODE license, then on-site support via a 'Support' web link to your site is available for either fixing or advising on issues or a 'Meeting' link is provided where the product and its features can be demonstrated to meet your requirements.

    To purchase a Plan, click here:

    Please purchase a plan that matches your license type. Once support has been paid for, if you have an existing processing issue, please contact 3000AD Support and advise them of your PDF-eXPLODE Support License, your version number, your Windows operating system (e.g.: Win7 / Win8 / Win10 / Win 2008, 2012, 2016, 2019.) and the nature of the problem in detail.

  • Per Incident Support

    This type of Support is along the lines of 'Pay-As-You-Go' support. Priority support is provided on a per-incident/problem or event basis for a set fee each time you choose to purchase this support. This support is provided for the specific issue you identified and will not include any other past or current issues not previously paid for. Generally, once you have paid for the support, you contact us at describing your issue in detail. Please quote your Incident license no and wherever possible, attach your pdf-explode.log and any graphics of any on-screen errors.

    To make support more affordable to those Users with an occasional issue, we have restructured the available support options available to Users as follows:

    1. Every new license purchase or upgrade comes with free unlimited email support assistance for 2 months or 60 days from date of purchase of a new license

    2. 3000AD has a comprehensive problem solving articles across various PDF-eXPLODE related processing topics embodied in a Knowledge database. Search for issues and resolutions similar to yours, in our KnowledgeBase at

    3. Purchase a Priority Annual Support Plan here for EACH license you have:

    4. Purchase an Incident Related Support Plan, based on the extent of the problem:
      • If the problem can be resolved within 3 emails or one online site visit, purchase a Desktop Support Incident for USD$100
      • If the problem can be resolved within 3 emails or one online site visit, purchase a Server Support Incident for USD$150
      • If the problem relates to one issue and one PC, but is extensive, purchase an Issue related Incident Support with up to 5 emails or/and 2 online visits for USD$275

  • Support Services

    This applies to Paid Priority support or Free support during the first 60 days immediately following your purchase.

    • Help installing, configuring and testing proper operation of PDF-eXPLODE software.
    • Help diagnosing and solving problems with PDF-eXPLODE software where the software does not perform as advertised or documented
    • Help diagnosing and solving problems with PDF-eXPLODE software as a result of User permissions, security or other on-site issues
    • Product updates (e.g. Version 4.0 -> Version 4.1) and temporary fixes but not major upgrades (e.g. Version 4 -> Version 5)

    Service Level

    • Responses will be made by e-mail, phone or Skype at the support provider's discretion and may require use of a remote connection to the customer's PC
    • A response will be provided within 24 hours from the time of initial contact, excluding weekends and holidays

    Purchase Support

    To purchase an annual support priority plan, click here. For pricing information, click here

    System Requirements

    • Operating System:
      Microsoft Windows XP, Win 7 (suitable for PDF-eXPLODE Version 3 or 4) or 8, 10 and 11(PDF-eXPLODE version 4+ only) , Win 2000/2008 (suitable for PDF-eXPLODE Version 3 or 4) and Win 2012/2016/2019/2022 (PDF-eXPLODE version 4+ only)

    • Hard Drive:
      Minimum 34MB of hard disk space

    • RAM:
      At least 16MB of free RAM

    • Note: There is no 64 Bit installer available for PDF-eXPLODE v3 prior to Y2012. Hence any versions dated prior Y2012 cannot be installed as a printer in any 64 Bit Windows

    Net Support and Presentations


    Join a Net Support Session

    To start a support session on your site with one of our support technicians, Click this icon to commence the session. A support executable file, which will allow us to connect to your PC, will commence downloading to your PC. You must run this 18 Mb file and it will then display a DISCLAIMER. Please read and accept this disclaimer to continue. Next, a support screen displaying a session ID will appear. This session ID is automatically transferred to our network and can be seen by your support analyst within a couple of minutes of you starting the team session. When your support analyst sees your incoming connection, he will then send you a request to 'Allow' him to connect to your PC to which you must respond in order to start the support session. As easy as that!


    Join a Presentation

    To participate in a pre-arranged PDF-eXPLODE presentation, click here if requested to do so.

    A small file will download to your PC. You will need to run this file, and then complete the details requested onscreen as previously advised in your presentation invite.

    Once you click join you will be connected to the presentation.

    What It Does

    PDF-eXPLODE is a one-click batch e-mail delivery tool that makes it easy and cost-effective for small businesses to get their customers the information they expect on time. Through a click of the printer button, PDF-eXPLODE converts a report or a Word document into batches of individual PDF attachments and securely and reliably e-mails them to the designated recipients. In addition, users can pre-schedule routine mailings for hands-free delivery.
    PDF-eXPLODE is designed to strengthen your business relationships by getting the information people need into their hands when they expect it. Whether sending daily confirmations, monthly statements, or other critical reports or correspondence, PDF-eXPLODE reduces costs and saves time by eliminating the labor-intensive process of hand-mailing or e-mailing each document separately. PDF-eXPLODE helps reduce costs, save time, increase cash flow and enhance customer service.
    PDF-eXPLODE software improves productivity and costs by eliminating the need to send documents one-by-one, whether through the mail or by e-mail. It:
    • Eliminates costly and inefficient paper-based workflows.
    • Offers customers, partners and employees immediate access to the information they need.
    • Pre-schedules routine and tedious mailings, freeing up staff to focus on revenue-generating activities.
    It also adds value to your existing business systems. Most organizations already have made costly investments in software and equipment and can't afford new technologies that disrupt their current workflows. Thanks to its standards-based interface, PDF-eXPLODE software can work with any existing business application.
    • As a printer driver, it easily installs onto existing Windows computers via the Printer Control Panel.
    • It supports e-mail delivery of documents using SMTP (Simple Mail Transport Protocol) standards.
    • It works with your existing business applications, including Crystal Reports, R&R Report Writer, Microsoft Word ( and Mail Merge Wizard), Microsoft Visual FoxPro, plus accounting and other software packages.
    PDF-eXPLODE enables you to create focused, targeted documents, so you can treat your customers and partners as individuals, leaving them both satisfied and loyal. It:
    • Customizes documents, such as financial statements and marketing brochures, for specific individuals or even departments and workgroups sending them only the information they want and need.
    • Allows you to send communications whenever you want for no additional cost so you can be responsive to your customers' needs. Combines multiple documents to the same recipient in a single PDF. Ensures that dynamically generated documents, including business reports and sales letters, are highly legible and consistently branded.
    • Includes visually rich charts and graphs tailored to specific documents.
    • Enhances your document delivery with targeted e-mail messages.

    Everyone you do business with will benefit from PDF-eXPLODE. Communication is central to the success of a business, and customers expect and demand � regular, consistent communication. PDF-eXPLODE makes it easy and affordable to get the right information into the right hands at the right time. That means customers � as well as business partners and your employees � will remain well informed and, subsequently, confident about and satisfied with how you do business.

    PDF-eXPLODE helps companies communicate reliably, efficiently and regularly not only with their customers and outside vendors but also with and among departments. PDF-eXPLODE allows departments as well as workgroups � purchasing, operations and accounting, for example to simultaneously receive business-critical reports, so they can continue to coordinate to keep the business running smoothly and efficiently.

    PDF-eXPLODE can be used in virtually any business and by any department that sends bulk individualized communications � whether to customers, employees, vendors or prospects. Below is a sampling of the most popular uses for PDF-eXPLODE. Manufacturing/Shipping and Fulfillment
    • Order confirmations
    • Shipping memos
    Accounting and Finance
    • Invoices
    • Account statements
    • Contracts
    • Purchasing orders
    • Dunning letters
    • Internal budget status reports
    Human Resources Departments
    • Benefits statements
    • Open enrolment forms
    Sales and Marketing
    • Targeted sales letters
    • Promotional mailings
    • Thank you notes
    • Re-order solicitations
    • Internal lead status reports
    • Regional sales reports
    Professional Services
    • Billing statements
    • Appointment confirmations
    • Reminders to schedule appointment
    Financial Service Providers
    • Monthly, quarterly, year-end statements
    • Trade confirmations
    • Portfolio management and reviews
    PDF-eXPLODE is an all-in-one document delivery tool that allows you to both create individual PDFs and e-mail them in batches with a click of your printer button.

    Easy Use and Set-up PDF-eXPLODE can be used with both text documents and data-driven reports, seamlessly fitting into business workflows. PDF-eXPLODE works with most business applications, including Crystal Reports, R&R Report Writer, Microsoft Access and Microsoft Word (Mail Merge Wizard), Microsoft Visual FoxPro, and accounting and other software packages. As a printer driver, it installs onto any Windows computer via the Printer Control Panel.

    Automatic and Manual Process Settings � PDF-eXPLODE can be set in silent mode to run without intervention when a document is printed, whether from within an application by clicking the printer button or from a task scheduler for true hands-free processing. Or it can be set to run manually for full control to set options at any time, displaying interactive pop-up instructions that users respond to every step of the way. Standard and Customized E-mail Messages PDF-eXPLODE defaults to a general e-mail subject and message to make e-mail deliveries as easy and hands-free as possible. For enhanced customer service, it allows customization of e-mail subjects and messages for each individual PDF attachment. In addition, users can crate and name pre-scripted e-mail messages - such as "Invoice" or "Monthly Statement" - to sent to all recipients of a similar type of document to easily manage report distribution to multiple customers.

    Multiple Delivery Modes PDF-eXPLODE can distribute individual PDF attachments through a number of communications channels. In addition to sending through e-mail, it can send documents to shared network folders for employees to view, Fax or smtp servers or Sharepoint. In the near future, PDF-eXPLODE will have the capability to send PDF documents to FTP sites for Web publishing.

    Streamlined Mailings Management and Archiving PDF-eXPLODE has a number of features for managing mailings. It logs each task performed for job verification so users can review the results of each e-mail and correct any errors. It also saves a copy of each PDF attachment for archiving.

    Professional Benefits of PDF Format PDF-eXPLODE leverages the features and benefits of Adobe PDF. In addition to making documents accessible to anyone using free Adobe Reader� software, it preserves the professional appearance of original documents so the electronic and paper versions look identical. It protects the integrity of documents by making them non-editable. It also offers efficiency, making it easy to copy and paste information from documents into other office productivity applications.

    Secure Sending PDF-eXPLODE has a number of security features that protect the integrity of documents, including the ability to select whether a recipient can edit the PDF document. In addition, it allows users to password-protects files to further secure their communications.

    Efficient Operations PDF-eXPLODE efficiently sends documents directly through a mail server (SMTP) instead of using an e-mail client, such as Outlook or Notes. This feature avoids having to manually confirm pop-up security-block messages. It also provides a choice of e-mail From: address, so e-mails can be sent from any address. It also compresses documents for more efficient delivery and storage.

    Bonus PDF Creation While the main purpose of PDF-eXPLODE is to create and distribute batches of PDF documents, it can turn any individual document, such as an Excel spreadsheet, into a PDF without sending.

    How It Works

    PDF-eXPLODE functions as a Windows printer, so the document delivery process starts with the click of a printer button.

    PDF-eXPLODE then runs through a series of three steps to create and distribute targeted e-mails. It:

    1. Takes a report or a word or mail merge document and, instead of printing it, converts it to a master PDF document;
    2. "Explodes," or splits, the master PDF into individual PDF attachments based on hidden e-mail tags in the original document; and
    3. Distributes each individual PDF either via e-mail, your local area network or FTP (available soon) to the designated recipients.

    PDF-eXPLODE is ideally suited to work with any application that merges data from a database with a template, including Crystal Reports, R&R Report Writer, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Word (Mail Merge Wizard), Microsoft Visual FoxPro and other "report writer" software, either built-in to your business applications or used as a separate add-on to your business databases. You also may use PDF-eXPLODE with any Windows application that is capable of printing if you wish to e-mail all or portions of the document or if you simply want to convert a document to PDF format.

    System Requirements

    • Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP, Win 7 (suitable for PDF-eXPLODE Version 3 or 4) or 8, 10 and 11(PDF-eXPLODE version 4+ only) , Win 2000/2008 (suitable for PDF-eXPLODE Version 3 or 4) and 2012/2016/2019/2022(PDF-eXPLODE version 4+ only)
    • Hard Drive: Minimum 34MB of hard disk space
    • RAM: At least 16MB of free RAM
    • Note: There is no 64 Bit installer available for PDF-eXPLODE v3 prior to Y2012. Hence any versions dated prior Y2012 cannot be installed as a printer in any 64 Bit Windows

    Yes. PDF-eXPLODE merges all the documents "tagged," or addressed, to the same recipient into one PDF attachment, which it then e-mails.

    Can I Send a Document to More than One Recipient?

    Yes. PDF-eXPLODE lets you send a single document to as many recipients as you like. This feature is helpful to keep everyone in the loop.

    Yes. You can create and send a specific e-mail message with a specific PDF attachment. This is done by creating and saving a subject/message in a client folder and then "tagging" the original document with specific file name of the subject/message.
    Yes. PDF-eXPLODE can run manually so that you have full control to set options for a mailing at any time. Instead of running automatically in "Silent Mode," PDF-eXPLODE will display interactive pop-up instructions that you respond to every step of the way.
    PDF-eXPLODE reads hidden "tags" in the original document to know where to send the attachment and what message to include in the e-mail. These tags include a recipient identifier which is usually an e-mail address and a message identifier. If a message identifier is not included, the e-mail attachment is automatically sent with the default message you indicated when you initially set up PDF-eXPLODE.

    You insert a "tag" on each page, typically as the first line in the page header, in the following standard format:

    <pdfexplode> </pdfexplode>

    • All tags must start ("open") with <pdfexplode> and end ("close") with </pdfexplode>
    • Open and close tags must match one another in case (i.e. uppercase, lowercase or mixed case).
    • All tags must always include a client identifier, which may be an e-mail address or a filename
    • An optional message identifier, if used, must precede the client identifier and be followed by a pound sign (#)
    • Tags must be formatted with the Arial font, and the color may be set to White to hide the tag.
    • All tags must fit entirely on one line.
    • You may include as many tags per page as desired.

    You can check on whether a document has been sent one of two ways.

    1. You can view the "Log File," which records and displays each action, so you can see if all documents were sent � and which ones, if any, had sending errors.
    2. You also can look in the e-mail inbox for your e-mail return address (i.e., Sender Name) account for delivery errors returned by the intended recipient's e-mail server. OR
    3. You can check the PeXRunLog.CSV (Excel compatible) file saved in the LOGS sub-folder by User . This Log is only available in V4 onwards. It lists every email sent per process, along with separate columns for TO/CC/BCC/Attachment files and it's status: 'Success or Failure'

    PDF-eXPLODE can be used with most Web mail server   (like Outlook Express / MS Office Outlook). Let's look at the most popular web mail servers:


    Yahoo! Mail offers standard POP3 access for receiving and sending emails through your Yahoo mailbox, using an external email client software.

    To setup your email client for working with your Yahoo account, enter the following mail settings in PDF-eXPLODE:


    Incoming Mail Server (POP3) -

    Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) -

    Authentication: POP3

    Username/Password: enter your Yahoo login & password

    Port: 587


    You need to also access your Yahoo mail account on the web and set Mail Options to be able to send emails from an external source.


    Hotmail is using the HTTP protocol for connecting you to your mailbox and then sends the outgoing emails. PDF-eXPLODE does not include HTTP protocol support as standard. However this functionality can be included on request for a fee.


    Like Yahoo, Google GMail service offers email client access for retrieving and sending emails through your Gmail account. However, for security reasons, GMail uses an SSL (Secured Socket Layer)connection which sends the outgoing message encrypted. 


    Incoming Mail Server (POP3) -

    Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) -

    Authentication: Login

    Username/Password:  enter your Gmail login & password

    Port: 465 or 587

    Security: SSL



    The following settings are required to connect AOL for sending emails from PDF-eXPLODE:


    SMTP Outgoing Server:
    Port: 587
    Authentication: Login
    SMTP Username: (or,, etc.)
    SMTP Password: password you use to login to Mail

    Security Protocol: TLSStart (Version 4) / SSL (Version 2,3)



    Netscape outgoing mail server (SMTP) needs SSL support. The settings below are to be used:


    Incoming Mail Server (POP3) -

    Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) -

    Authentication: Login

    Username/Password:  enter your Netscape login & password

    Port: 25

    Security: SSL


    You can encrypt an exploded PDF attachment with a password in one of 3 ways.

    • Variables:
      This is the recommended process of the three methods wherein an individual password is assigned to each exploded PDF. Open the PDF-eXPLODE Options screen from the Printer menu in teh printer queue window. Now select the 'Variable Settings' menu item, and then the File Password tab. In this tab, check the box : 'Use variable as PDF password',select a variable position from the drop down and assign an Owner (master) password which can prevent any editing of the PDF and is a master 'unlock' PDF password.
      Now adjust your Tag to include at the pre-configured position (of 1 to 9 variables,) a database field that will supply a password for each PDF exploded. When the report is processed, PDF-eXPLODE will encrypt the PDF with the data variable as password.
    • Defined Client ID or Message ID:
      Assign the password under the 'PDF Security' tab. This will encrypt each exploded PDF with the same password. This may not be practical for your intended use.
    • PDF Security Settings:
      Assigning security via this screen means you intend to globally set the same fixed PDF password to ALL exploded PDFs across ANY process run. Approach this method with caution. You assign the Owner and User passwords on this screen after selecting a Security Mode between'Secure all PDF documents after exploding' or 'Secure just the PDF documents for the selected Clients after exploding'.

    You can have multiple document tags, each one starting with a '<pdfexplode>' and ending with '</pdfexplode>' tag set, formatted with the font 'Arial'.

    For example:
    Page 1 header
    <pdfexplode></pdfexplode>[space] <pdfexplode> </pdfexplode>

    Page 2 header - assuming each invoice is one page
    <pdfexplode></pdfexplode> [space] <pdfexplode> </pdfexplode>

    Page Header
    Invoice Group Header of your report writer
    <pdfexplode></pdfexplode> (this will change with each NEW group header)

    [space] means you must include one keyboard space between each tag set.
    Tags must not word wrap. So the <pdfexplode> PLUS e-mail address PLUS </pdfexplode>must be fully contained on ONE line when the report or document is run.
    You must ensure that the Group Header is repeated on each page.

    PDF-eXPLODE currently does not cater for multiple Master PDF named files. However the following workaround should provide you with the answer.

    You can have multiple document tags, each one starting with a '<pdfexplode>' and ending with '</pdfexplode>' tag set and formatted with the font 'Arial'. Create 2 pdfexplode tags for each page in the page header as follows

    Page 1 header
    <pdfexplode>invoice</pdfexplode>[space] <pdfexplode> </pdfexplode>

    Page 2 header - assuming each invoice is one page
    <pdfexplode>invoice</pdfexplode> [space] <pdfexplode> </pdfexplode>

    The 'Invoice' tag is not a valid email address, so a file with the name INVOICEyymmdd_hhmmss.pdf will be created for each page in the batch run in the default document path or a nominated file path (Version V1.17.10(SP10)). This INVOICEyymmdd_hhmmss.pdf 'master' is in addition to the Master PDF created by PDF-eXPLODE. In the filename: 'yymmdd_hhmmss' represents the Date in year/month/day and the PC clock Time in hour/minute/seconds. In PDF-eXPLODE version V1.17.10(SP10) and beyond, you can optionally elect to remove the date/time from the saved filename.
    [space] means you must include one keyboard space between each tag set.
    Tags must not word wrap. So the <pdfexplode> PLUS e-mail address PLUS </pdfexplode>must be fully contained on ONE line when the report or document is run.

    Trial and Purchase

    A separate license is required for each computer on which PDF-eXPLODE is installed.
    Yes. You can download a 45-day free trial version. Click here
    After downloading and installing the 45-day trial version of PDF-eXPLODE, you can purchase a license by running the program and selecting Purchase this software online and clicking Continue to order through our secure website or just click here

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