Burst and Deliver Excel Worksheets At the Click of a Button!

Excel© from Microsoft, is the most popular spreadsheet/workbook in business, suitable for maintaining Statistics, creating sorted Lists, and in some cases built as a Business system supporting Invoicing and Payroll. XL-eXPLODE is an add-in tool ideal for extracting multiple worksheets out of a master Workbok and delivering them automatically by email either as password protected worksheets, in a zip file (optionally password protected) with a custom email that can be intelligently merged with your data. XL-eXPLODE is simply the best tool around for delivering your XLS or XLSX worksheets speedily and efficiently. It will save you thousands of dollars each year in time and office efficiencies. 3000AD Systems - developers of XL-eXPLODE and PDF-eXPLODE produce software that is well suited to business, aside from being very stable and their software is always accompanied by first class after-sales support.

XL-eXPLODE has multiple delivery modes.

  •      E-Mail: is a primary delivery source for exploded documents. You can however, suppress e-mailing of burst documents

  •      Archive: your report burst/exploded PDFs to any drive on your server can is based on a number of user definable rules

The following graphic sums up the XLS/XLSX document bursting and delivery process in XL-eXPLODE:

Step 1:
Select one file or a complete folder of XLS/XLSX files for delivery

Step 2:
Select between Method 1, 2 or 3 in extracting (aka 'exploding') each worksheet to be delivered.

Step 3:
Click 'Explode and Deliver' on-screen for fast easy processing and delivery. You can even delay the processing and delivery to a later time...and watch the worksheet "fly out of the door"!

It's as easy as 1-2-3!

E-mail documents with custom filenames, and password secured with industry standard 128 Bit encryption - just send the individual password protected worksheets using one of 3 'exploding' (aka Bursting or Extraction) methods. You can also set a global password which will be applied to each worksheet sent out in a batch. Besides the 'exploded' Worlsheet, you can have several other documents of any type attached to the outgoing email. All attachments can be optionally zipped and the zipped (if you wish) can be password protected before it is attached to the email. The software comes with a simple-to-use HTML editor to add a touch pf glamour to your email template - place images, logos in the email message, colored fonts and much more. There are several Date related programming functions to enhance your message. Yes - this all adds up to a sophisticated list of features to give your XLS delivery that professional touch.

XL-eXPLODE is is very reasonably priced and comes with the best after sales service and support (with a turnaround time of a few hours to one business day) to assist you.
More information here.

XL-eXPLODE has Multiple Version Types.

  • Desktop - Install on a User's PC or workstation. Operates within that 'closed' environment. Price USD$395 each.

  • Server - Licenses are based on the number of Users you wish to assign to each License (aka "User Pack"). Prices start from USD$595 (1-User), $795 (3-Users) and $995 (5-User)

All products come with 12 months (365 days) unlimited free priority support to help you fast track your implementation and raize your office efficiencies.


As this product is a new release, for months of June, July, August and September 2022 only, each purchase comes at a special price as shown in the table below - just use the code 'STARTER' to reduce your purchase price. Take benefit of this promotion to purchase multiple copies which come with a further 10% discount or more, for 3 or more copies purchased.

Effective Price Desktop Server 1-User Server 3-User Server 5-User
Current Pricing USD $395 USD $595 USD $795 USD $995
Promotional Price ** USD $95 USD $295 USD $495 USD $695